Shot Callers Part 2

EPF Shot Callers Part 2

We return with our second edition of our Shot Callers to shed some light on the European vaccination campaign and answer important questions regarding COVID-19 variants and vaccine misinformation.

Join us for another interactive virtual discussion with high-level experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and European Medicines Agency (EMA). We'll answer questions concerning the following:

  • Are the vaccinated immune to new variants? 
  • Will the COVID-19 jab become an annual occurence like the Flu shot?
  • Are certain vaccines more suitable for certain groups? 
  • What are the known adverse effects of each vaccine?   
  • Are certain vaccines "better" than others? 
  • much much more....

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We're happy to have the following speakers return to elaborate on the latest updates on COVID-19 vaccines:

  • Prof Jean-Michel Dogne, WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety
  • Prof Guido Rasi, former Executive Director, EMA
  • Marco Greco, President, EPF

EPF Special Advisor Nicola Bedlington will moderate the discussion and invite live questions from the crowd.