AOPP - Association for the Protection of Patients' Rights (Slovak Republic)

The Association for the Protection of Patients' Rights in Slovakia (AOPP) is a national umbrella coalition representing 38 patient organizations in Slovakia, covering more than 20 disease areas. AOPP was founded 2001. It is the first patient platform in Slovakia, which brings together specific patient organizations according to individual diagnoses. AOPP has been protecting the rights of patients for more than 15 years. AOPP provides them with medical, social and legal counseling and informs the public about the rights and duties of patients, as well as on the functioning of the healthcare system. We participate in the creation of Slovak and European law. We represent Slovak patient organizations in the European Patients’ Forum and the International Alliance of Patient Organizations. We organize regular educational meetings for all patients, where they can learn up to date information. We prepare workshops and conferences on topical issues focused on patients for our members. AOPP is a member of the Slovak Government Council for the NGOs and the Committee for persons with disabilities.

Name in local language: Asociácia na ochranu práv pacientov SR

Type: national coalition of patient organisations

Country: Slovak Republic

Disease areas covered: Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Mental health, Down’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Breast Cancer, Lymfoma, Myeloma, other cancer diseases, Rheumatic Diseases, Coeliac Disease, Liver Problems, Cardiovascular Diseases, Skin Diseases, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, Sclerosis Multiplex, Kidney diseases, Hemophilia, Illnesses of the musculoskeletal system, Civilisation Diseases, Marfan Sydrome, Incontinence.


Mária Lévyová – President
Miroslava Fövényes – Vice-President
Dominik Tomek – Vice-President
Eva Bacigalová – Board member
Marica Laščeková – Board member
Eva Madajová – Honorary President

Contact person: Petra Balážová


Prešovská 39
82108 Bratislava



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