LPOAT - Council of Representatives of Patients’ organizations (Lithuania)

The objective of LPOAT is to represent patients' civil, social and economic rights, to protect their freedoms and dignity, and to implement full patient participation in public life. LPOAT engages in cooperation with non-governmental and governmental institutions on issues such as pharmaceutical supplies, medical, psychological and social adaptation issues.  Moreover, it participates in the development and implementation of social programmes, according to the needs, interests and capabilities of its constituents. LPAT supports the Lithuanian decision-making bodies at national and municipal level in the development and implementation of laws directly related to the interests of patients.

Name in local language: Lietuvos pacientų organizacijų atstovų taryba

Type: national coalition of patient organisations

Country: Lithuania

Representative: Vida Augustinienė

Gedimino av. 28/2 – 404
LT 01104 Vilnius

Tel: + 37 05 26 20 783
Fax: + 37 05 26 10 639

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