FE - Fertility Europe

Fertility Europe is the association of European organisations and associations involved with fertility issues. Fertility Europe and its national organisations - the members - are daily involved with many activities, mostly assisting those affected by difficulties in conceiving. However, apart from sharing best practice and many other useful ideas, projects and experience, the three main goals of Fertility Europe are:  1. to build a strong European network among European patients and professionals in order to achieve the exchange of best practice;  2. to promote education in the field of protection of reproductive health and a pro-active approach to family planning;  3. to improve the situation concerning the rights of those affected by difficulties in conceiving in many areas.

Type: pan-European disease-specific organisation

Disease area: Infertility

Representative: Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen, Chair

Fertility Europe VZW
Avenue de l'Andalousie 8, boite 20
1140 Evere

Contact details:
Email: office@fertilityeurope.eu; satu@fertilityeurope.euFor more information: www.fertilityeurope.eu