SOSTE - Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health

SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health is a Finnish umbrella organization of 200 social affairs and health NGO members and dozens of partner members. SOSTE works for the health and wellbeing of all people. With all members and partners, SOSTE is building the foundation for social wealth, health, opportunities of participation and a fair, responsible society. Investments in wellbeing and health are long-term joint decisions, and NGO’s must have a strong role in implementing them.

Their goal is to increase the impact of social and healthcare organizations in society and achieve a situation where the implementation of the preconditions for a good life are realized for all. They operate on regional, national and international level.

Name in original language: : Suomen sosiaali ja terveys ry (SOSTE)

Country: Finland

Disease area: Across disease

Representative: Kirsi Marttinen


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