ZOPS - Patient Organisations Association of Slovenia

The Patient Organisations Association of Slovenia is the national coalition of patient organisations in Slovenia, representing 39 members and 25 different conditions. Established in June 2022 (registered in November), it is a voluntary, non-governmental, autonomous, non-profit association that brings together organisations, associations, federations, and federations of patients and users of health and social care services. Its purpose is to pursue common interests in promoting a healthy way of life, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, care, nursing, and mutual assistance. The association aims to carry out tasks of common interest on behalf of and for the benefit of its members.The vision of the Association of Patient Organisations of Slovenia is embodied in the slogan "One Voice of Patients." This signifies the united action of all societies, associations, and federations striving for a better position for patients and users of health and social care services.The mission of the association is rooted in the idea of assisting all patients and encouraging them to become active advocates for themselves.

Type: National coalition of patient organisations

Country: Slovenia

Address: Trubarjeva 65, Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenia

Contact: Gregor Cuzak, gregor.cuzak@zveza-pacientov.si

Website: www.zveza-pacientov.si