APO - Alliance of Patient Organisations (Republic of North Macedonia)

The “Alliance of Patient Organisations” is a newly created organisation gathering patient organisations from the Republic of North Macedonia (Created in 2016). The organisation's objectives are:  to provide access to treatment, improve the conditions of treatment and enhance the patients’ quality of life; to develop health policies at national level to protect patients’ rights; to foster the cooperation between state bodies, health organisations and healthcare professionals in the design and implementation of strategies, criteria, standards, best practices in the health care of North Macedonia.

Type: National coalition

Country: Republic of North Macedonia

Disease area: Non applicable

Representative: Biba Dodeva, President

Contact details: 

Alliance of Patient Organizations
Ul. 11 Okotomvri, Br. 25, 7 kat, 715
Skopje 1000
Republic of North Macedonia

Tel: +389 2 322 4636
Email: contact@apo.org.mk

For further information, please visit APO's website: www.apo.org.mk