Survey: Assessing AI Awareness and Perceptions among Patient Organisations

EPF began engaging in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare in 2020, from both a policy and capacity- building perspective. Given the rapid increase of interest in AI in healthcare and in view of upcoming policy activities, EPF has decided to reinforce its engagement on this matter to ensure that the patients’ views, needs and values are adequately represented in future discussions and EU-level debates. Take the survey.

How are we assessing AI awareness and perceptions among patient organisations?

EPF is currently collecting responses to a survey addressed to patients’ organisations or individuals carrying out patient advocacy activities. An in-depth knowledge of AI in the area of healthcare is not a pre-requirement for completing this survey as questions are primarily about experience and perception. There are no wrong or right answers.

How can you be involved?

If you are representing a patient organization or an individual carrying out patient advocacy activities, you can complete this survey, available in English, Dutch, Bulgarian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, German, Polish, Romanian and Swedish.

How will the survey responses be used?

This survey will serve as a starting point to collect patient organisations’ and patient advocates' views on this topic and build a stronger knowledge base. The survey will allow us to collect information on a series of key questions revolving around AI, including the main challenges and obstacles to its safe, ethical and efficient implementation in healthcare, and the level of knowledge needed to engage on this topic.

The results of the survey will guide the EPF’s upcoming position paper on AI and will serve as an additional evidence base for our policy and advocacy activities at the EU level. The survey report and the position paper will be available for free on the EPF's website in the coming months.


For further details, more information about AI in healthcare and any kind of support needed to fill this survey, please do not hesitate to contact EPF Policy Officer, Milana Trucl at