360° HTA Patient Involvement

Project Information:

  • Duration: January 2022 – December 2022 (1 year)
  • Status: ongoing
  • Funding: EFPIA - The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations

 What will the project do?

  • The 360° HTA PATIENT INVOLVEMENT project came about due to limited knowledge in how the various methods and processes for patient involvement in HTA are perceived by the stakeholders involved.
  • We would like to understand and update our knowledge on how the differences in implementation of processes can affect the perceived effectiveness of the patient involvement.

 What is HTA (Health Technology Assessment)?

  • HTA refers to a process that measures and compares the value of new health technologies, versus existing ones.
  • An HTA aims at informing decision makers with the best possible assessment so that they can create safe and effective health policies.

 What are the expected outcomes?

  • At the end of the research project, we hope to produce a 360° review of current methods and processes for patient involvement in Europe, how they are perceived by those involved, and a co-creation of best practices.
  • Our aim is for similar research to be undertaken in other regions in the future.

 What is EPF’s role?

  • EPF is contributing to the work of the survey on the role of patient engagement in HTA – our role is to gather the perspective of patient organisations.
  • Our collective aim is to understand if all stakeholders feel that patients are adequately involved, and in which way.

 Why does this matter for patients?

  • This survey will help us understand how patients are involved in HTA at the moment, and how to better involve them in the future.
  • This survey will form a knowledge base to identify best practices can support better patient engagement in HTA in the future, both in Europe and beyond.

The partners: