UPCOMING in 2017: Module ’Role and Added-Value of Patient Organisations as Sustainable Organisations’


The organisational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, communication and public image are usually considered the key elements of sustainable organisations. Patient organisations usually have underdeveloped capacities in these areas. Additionally, they lack legitimacy and representativeness which limits their access to information and ability to influence the process of decision making. Thus, this module will examine the role of patient organisations, their position in the health advocacy environment as well as the accountability, transparency and sustainability as one of fundamental pillars of effective governance and organisational functioning. Given the fact that this is the first module being implemented in Poland, participant organisations will explore a wide range of topics by exploring how they can improve communication and relationships with the key decision-makers and other stakeholders. The programme will also include the development of a sustainability strategy (2-3 years long) and action plans for each participating organiations. 

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