Participating Organisations: 

The programme targets twenty (20) patient organisations, including the EPF member: COPAC - Coalition of Organizations of Patients with Chronic Diseases: 

  1. National Alliance for Rare Diseases Romania
  2. Antiparkinskon Association
  3. Children's Joy Association
  4. Association Mures children and young diabetics
  5. My child Association - My Heart
  6. Multiple Sclerosis Association of Romania
  7. Mini Debra Association
  8. Small Men Association
  9. Patients with Autoimmune Diseases Association
  10. Paul Association
  11. Prader Willi Association
  12. Romanian Association for Rare Cancers
  13. The Romanian Association of Hemophilia
  14. UNOPA - The National Union of Organisations of People Affected by HIV/AIDS
  15. The Association of Patients with Thalassemia Major
  16. The Association for Supporting Patients with MDR TB
  17. Transplanters Association in Romania
  18. Association of the Oncological Patients in Romania
  19. Federation for rights and resources for people with autistic spectrum disorders

 As of 2016, the program expanded its support to additional nine (9) patient organisations: 

  1. Federation for the Rights and Resources for People with autism spectrum disorder
  2. My child Association - My Heart
  3. Paul Association

  4. Small Men Association
  5. Mini Debra Association

  6. Prader Willi Association
  7. Patients with Autoimmune Diseases Association
  8. Association Mures children and young diabetics

  9. Association of Children's Joy 

You can find further information on the participating organisations here.

UPCOMING in 2017:

Mid-Term review of Strategic Plans 

The Mid-Term review of Strategic Plans is designed to review patient organizations’ progress made towards achieving the strategic goals, to reflect on the changing external environment and to assess whether any change in the approaches used is needed. Each participating organization, who already in 2012, benefited from individual advice and support provided by the local experts to develop its Strategic Plan for the first time, will by the of this review have revised  version of its Strategic Plan. The Mid-Term review aims to help participants to strengthening their organisations and improve their performance on a mid-term basis. 

Related Information

Capacity Building Programme in Romania since 2012:

The programme kicked off in mid-2012 with the implementation of a 12-month strategic planning. By autumn 2013 each organisation had developed their first ever strategic plan and benefited from a comprehensive needs assessment of their current capacity and prioritisation of training needs. By autumn 2014 all organisations had completed the operational planning. By the end of 2015, the trainings on fundraising were completed.