Ethics Committee

The EPF Ethics Committee is a key part of the organisation’s mission. The first EPF Ethics committee has been elected during the 2020 EPF Annual General Meeting.

The roles of the Ethics Committee members include issuing opinions or advice upon written request from the Board; recommending appropriate handling of conflict of interests, and providing  general advise on wider ethical issues that EPF needs to address, in the context of legislation or practice.

The EPF Ethics Committee is comprised of five members, which are nominated by an EPF member and voted by the AGM Members of the organisation. These representatives hold a 3-year term, during which their duties align in order to ensure a balanced check mechanism for the organisation.

Ethics Committee (2023)

Dimitrios Athanasiou

Dominik Tomek

Michal Rataj 

Pedro Carrascal 

Veronica Rubio

Public Declaration of Interests (DOI) - Ethics Committee Members

DOI - Dimitrios Athanasiou

DOI - Dominik Tomek

DOI - Michal Rataj 

DOI - Pedro Carrascal 

DOI - Veronica Rubio