Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is the highest governance body of EPF. 
Chaired by the EPF President, it allows EPF Members to meet on an annual basis to review the association’s achievements and to implement objectives for the upcoming year.

The Annual General Meeting has all necessary powers required to implement the objectives of EPF, and its duties include, inter alia:

  • The establishment of a budget
  • Approval of the accounts and of the yearly report of the Board
  • Appointment and discharge of the members of the Organisation and of the Board
  • Amendment of the constitution and internal rules
  • The appointment of an external and independent auditor
  • Dissolution of the association and the distribution of any net assets
  • Approval and dismissal of members.

Only EPF Full Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General meeting. Provisional and Associate Members will have no voting rights but will have the right to participate in Annual General Meetings.

EPF Governance 2020


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