Completed Projects

This section contains information about completed projects where EPF has been involved to gather patient-related evidence based information in areas where this knowledge was either partly or entirely missing, e.g. eHealth, Health Technology Assessment, and contributed to investigate new tools and avenues through which the specific needs and rights of patients can be put forward.


This project explores the added-value of self-management in chronic diseases, in a context of promotion of self-care in European health systems.


PISCE is a 16-month tender that aims to create a platform of experts in self-care and healthcare.


Completed non EPF-led project created a forum to support the implementation of interoperable eHealth infrastructures and services across Europe.


Non-EPF led EU project addresses the problem that several hospital based HTA initiatives have lately emerged in Europe but there is a poor use and awareness of it.


EPF is a partner of this Patient Safety and Quality of Care Joint Action (2012-2015) that aims to create a permanent platform for future cooperation between Member States in this area.


EPF is a partner in this project (2013-2016) that promotes a more integrated and effective approach to providing health and social care to older people across Europe.

Chain of Trust

Completed EPF-led project that assessed the perspective of the main end users of telehealth services.

eHealth Governance Initiative

Running non EPF-led project that supports cooperation between Member States at Political Governance levels and eHealth Stakeholders.


Completed EPF project led by our Youth Group which consisted in organising an event to make Europe meet young patients.


EPF is partner in this project (2013-2015) that coordinates the development of a R&D roadmap to deliver high-quality, affordable Healthcare to all EU‐citizens.


Completed non EPF-led project (2010) that established a network to encourage and enhance collaboration in the field of patient safety.


The EPF-led Value+ project, Promoting Patients’ Involvement in EU Supported Health-Related Projects, to date was one of the most important projects that we have been involved in (2008-2010).


EPF was partner in this project (2010-2013) that aimed at validating innovative telemedicine services in nine European regions for patients suffering from three major chronic conditions.


EPF is partner in this project (2012-2014) that deploys services in 11 European regions providing patients’ access to Electronic Health Records.


EPF was a partner in the InterQuality project (2010-2014) that investigated the effects of financing systems on the quality of healthcare.


EPF was a partner in this project (2008-2011) that has provided an important contribution to improving the way paediatric trials are designed and run.