STYPA 2018 - Inclusion and Non-Discrimination

What is it?

The Summer Training Course for Young Patients Advocates – Leadership Programme is an exciting and unique opportunity offering a tailored high-quality training to young patient advocates or representatives of young patient advocates who have the motivation to learn more about advocacy and maximise their leadership potentials in a real environment. Our vision for the Summer Training Course is to create a platform where young patient advocates would empower, inspire, and learn from each other on an annual basis.

What was the topic?

The previous edition of the course focused on three topic areas: leadership, discrimination, and human rights from an advocacy perspective. Based on the feedback received from the trainees, EPF and lead trainers agreed each of the areas would be worth more time and dedication to allow participants to develop a fuller and more thorough understanding. Therefore, the 2018 edition, had inclusion and non-discrimination as overarching themes.

Where and when?

The Training Course was held in Vienna, Austria from Sunday 1 July through Wednesday 4 July 2018.

Travel and accomodation were covered by EPF.

Who were the participants?

All applicants were:

  • Young employees or volunteers of a patient organisation,
  • Young patients with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who were affiliated with a patient organisation,
  • Young patients with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who were not affiliated with a patient organisation,
  • Alternatively, a family member/carer of a young patient with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition could attend the training if he/she accompanies a young advocate and was at the same time an active patient advocate.
  • 18 - 30 years of age
  • Country of residence: Applications were open for candidates living in the EU Members States and those countries who have either the official EU candidate or potential candidate country status.

Participants from the previous edition of STYPA were also welcomed to apply for this edition.