Youth Group Members

Meet the EPF Youth Group!

  • Blaž Urbanc

    Blaž Urbanc

    Blaž is from Slovenia and is a spinal muscular atrophy patient.

  • Cornelia Păuna

    Cornelia Păuna

    Cornelia is from Romania and is a Multiple Sclerosis patient.

  • Ivett Jakab

    Ivett Jakab

    Ivett is a liver transplant patient from Hungary, and is President of the EPF Youth Group.

  • Bianka Tomózer

    Bianka Tomózer

    Bianka is an endometriosis patient, from Hungary.

  • Anastasia Semaan

    Anastasia Semaan

    Anastasia has Noonan's Syndrome, and comes from Cyprus. She is the Vice President of the EPF Youth Group.

  • Nikola Kumovic

    Nikola Kumovic

    Nikola is from Serbia and has severe Haemophilia A.

  • Erato Markantoni

    Erato Markantoni

    Erato is a young patient advocate from Cyprus.

  • Erin Davies

    Erin Davies

    Erin is from the UK and has epilepsy. She is the Youth Group representative on the EPF Board.

  •  Marleen Sorensen

    Marleen Sorensen

    Marleen is a German/Spanish young patient advocate.